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Bowzer BtT
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Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros. Melee


Bowzer BtT STRAT
my best - 9:46

Beginner/Advanced strat (9:40-11:00)
(you can do this strat at any speed you want.  in order to get sub 10 you have to move very fast.  you can get 10:50 pretty easily though)
Targets 1, 2, & 3- jump straight up, then double jump and press b to do your fire breath.
when you do this hold to the left. you should hit the target directly infront of you, the
one a little below you and the one behind the flipper.  land on the left side of the
flipper, right at the edge of the platform.  if you are aiming for sub 10, try do do the
smallest double jump that is required to hit the 3 targets.  also let go of b before you
land so there wont be any recovery time

Target 4 - Jump up and to the left, and do an ariel up a to hit the target here.
Target 5 - Dont fastfall.  after the up a, drift towards the left and under the podium shape
wall.  double jump to the left so you hit your head on the podium and do an ariel back a
attack through the wall to hit the target here.  L CANCEL
Targets 6 & 7 - duck under the platform you are on and land on the one below you.  while on
the ground do an up b to the right so you hit the target next to you, and the one to the
right of you, you should slide off the platform and fastfall onto the small platform below
Dash jump to the right, then double jump and up b to the right.  you should land next to
the small wall.  try to do your up b as high as possible so when you land there wont be
any recovery time.
Targets 8 & 9 - double jump over the wall and do an ariel down a attack to the target
there, fastfall and drift towards the right.  with the same down a attack, you should hit
the target on the platform at the bottom.  l cancel.  if you drifted far enough to the
right, you should slip off this platform.
Target 10 - double jump and fwd b the target through the wall.

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