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Luigi BtT
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Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros. Melee


my best - 4:40
Beginner Strat (4:90-5:00)
Target 1 - when the announcer says "go" wait a split second, then double jump up and to
the right a little and shoot a fireball at the target in the top right corner.  if
you do not wait the split second in the beginning you will hit a flipper.
Targets 2 & 3 - fastfall and down a 2 targets that intersect each other.  land on the floor.
Target 4 - neutral a the target in the bottom right corner
Targets 5, 6 & 7 - dash to the left and do a running a attack.  you should hit 1 target
that goes up and down really fast, then 2 more targets that meet each other right above
the hole in the level.
Target 8 - jump to the left and over the hole, and do an ariel fwd a on the target there.
Targets 9 & 10 - double jump to the left and up b 2 targets.
Advanced strat (4:50-4:25)

Target 1 - when the announcer says "go" walk a tiny bit to the right and immidiatly jump
to the right, then double jump straight up and shoot a fireball at the top right target.
if you did this right, you should jump inbetween 2 flippers.  this part takes some practice.
Targets 2 & 3 - at the same time, fastfall and do a down a attack.  the very end of your
down a attack should hit 2 targets that intersect each other.  try do drift towards
the right when doing this
Target 4 - keep drifting towards the right so you are above the target directly below you.
do an ariel neutral a so you hit the target and the flipper at the same time.  the flipper
should throw you to the left.  this part is the hardest part in the strat.  getting the
flipper to shoot you correctly is random.  try to neutral a the top right part of the
flipper and the target.
Target 5 - as you are flying left from the flipper hit, shoot a fireball to the right to
hit the target that moves up and down the stage quickly.
Target 6 & 7 - if you did the flipper hit correctly, you should be standing on the left
side of the hole.  neutral a the 2 targets that meet right above the hole.
Targets 8 & 9 - jump left, and back a 2 targets that meet each other in the air.  if you
did not do everything fast, these 2 targets wont be near each other.  the faster you go,
the closer together they will be.
Target 10 - jump straight up and up b target 10.

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